Any discrepancies or problems with your order needs to be reported within 14 days. 

We will work with you and replace any defective item upon the return of the defective piece.  We stand behind our work 100%.

However any personalized item cannot  be refunded or exchanged unless defective. 

Please make sure if you are ordering an item with custom text or names that you have verified correct spelling, sizing choice, and colors.

All our items have sizing guidelines and we are more than happy to help you in choosing the correct sizing needed.  

We want you to Love your KLB item from the moment you receive it, we are here to help.




We can and do decorate items provided by you with most all of our available methods.

We cannot accept responsibility for decoration issues on any Customer provided goods this includes Retail garments, even brand new; or any garment that has been used and laundered.       As always we do our very best to make sure everything we decorate achieves our quality standards.  However we cannot anticipate every potential issue on used or personally purchased retail items.  We stand behind our work 100% and although our normal spoilage is insignificant, we do allow for: 2% damage, an industry norm.

By bringing us your own items for decoration you understand that KL Billen Enterprises is not responsible for replacing any item that may be damaged during the decoration process, No matter the cause.

 We offer and can provide a very wide ranges of goods for your needs and we stand behind the items we sell or provide, and will replace any of our provided items that become defective or damaged during the decoration process.  You can shop our offerings here  KL Billen Blank Goods for Decoration

We are not responsible for your print or thread colors clashing with garment colors provided in your order and the decoration colors chosen.
Actual material swatches are available in our shop for you to verify in person. Colors shown on screen may vary due to environmental and computer screen differences.   Exact Pantone Color Matching is Available for an Additional Charge for Printing. 

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